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Video Call with Bogdan About Lightsabers

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Your contribution will help us continue developing real life lightsabers on our YouTube channel. Plus you'll receive access to our exclusive Lightsaber Development Discord channel with chats with the team, and a monthly email update on our Lightsaber progress with your pledge.

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Wanna know everything about our plans for building a real life lightsaber without a tether? Then this 30-minute video call with Bogdan is what you need! He'll divulge ALL the company secrets (we told him not to!) -- so to be honest, this is probably the best perk we're offering!

You will be contacted by email after checkout to schedule the video call.

Plus all previous rewards ($264 VALUE!):

• Challenge Coin
• Pre-production Gen 2 Mini-Saber (ships immediately)
• 10-pack Red Flame Changer (ships immediately)
• Production Gen 2 Mini-Saber (ships late Summer 2023)
• Founders Edition Gen 2 Mini-Saber (ships late Summer 2023)