After a year and a half of development, and hundreds of yards of Kevlar later, we finally made a "bulletproof" suit that actually works.

100% Bespoke

An icon made real

This Italian style, fully armored, custom-tailored suit for the Hacksmith is based off John Wick's "bulletproof" suit from the movie John Wick 2.

Above Average Protection

Unlike traditional body armor, the proprietary Kevlar® and DYNEEMA® composite layup developed by Hacksmith Industries is designed in a way to maximize flexibility and comfort while still providing incredible protection against a wide array of weapons.

Protection so strong

Bullets flip inside out

Designed to NIl Level II and IIIA standards*, both the suit jacket and waistcoat individually can provide protection against 357 Magnum, 45 ACP FM, 9mm FM rounds, and even 12ga loz rifled slugs.

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John Wick's "Bulletproof" Suit

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This is a conceptual product, and it is not for sale. The price is the cost of making this prototype.

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100% bespoke, this bullet-resistant, Italian style suit was made to resemble John Wick's Suit from John Wick 2. The only difference? This one can actually stop a bullet in real life.

*Not officially certified at any NIJ level. Suit is for demonstration purposes on inanimate mannequins only. This item is not for sale. The dollar amount is how much it cost to make this prototype.

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