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Mr. Beast's Proto-Lightsaber

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Your contribution will help us continue developing real life lightsabers on our YouTube channel. Plus you'll receive access to our exclusive Lightsaber Development Discord channel with chats with the team, and a monthly email update on our Lightsaber progress with your pledge.

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Pickup currently unavailable at Hacksmith Headquarters Flagship Store & Museum

Mr. Beast's Proto-Lightsaber

Hacksmith Headquarters Flagship Store & Museum

Pickup currently unavailable

605 Beaverdale Road
Cambridge ON N3C 2V3


Okay, so you really want a lightsaber, and you want it now.

Don't worry -- we got you. We made two identical lightsabers for the Mr. Beast video, and we're willing to part with one of them for the low-low price of $69,420 -- Canadian dollars of course!

Also included is training on how to use it -- we wouldn't want you to set yourself on fire by accident!

Economy travel and accommodations are included for one person to H.E.R.C. located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. One guest allowed. 

Plus all previous rewards ($6944 VALUE!):

• Challenge Coin
• Pre-production Gen 2 Mini-Saber (ships immediately)
• 10-pack Red Flame Changer (ships immediately)
• Production Gen 2 Mini-Saber (ships Summer 2023)
• Founders Edition Gen 2 Mini-Saber (ships late Summer 2023)

• 30-minute Video Call with Bogdan about the Lightsaber designs
• Tour of H.E.R.C., lunch with the Hacksmith, and Lightsaber Training 
• Spend a day with the Hacksmith and learn how to pilot the Power Loader